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What to expect

BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register™ allows you to block yourself from accessing all Australian licensed online and phone wagering providers in a single process.

Signing up is fast and easy. It only takes about 5 minutes.

To get started, all you need is:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Access to your email inbox
  • Either a Medicare Card or a Driver's Licence from an Australian State or Territory.

If you do not have a Medicare card or driver's license, you can call us on 1800 238 786 to talk about other ways we can verify your identity.

When registering, you will be able to select how long you want to exclude for. The minimum period is 3 months.

You can also choose to nominate up to 5 support people. A support person can be anyone that you want to support you, including a family member or a friend.

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

What happens while I am registered?

While you are registered, Australian licensed online and phone wagering providers should not:

  • open a wagering account for you
  • allow you to place bets, or
  • send you marketing material.

Providers should also close any accounts you have and refund any credit to you.

We will contact you at certain points while you are registered. For example, we will let you know when your exclusion period is about to expire.

What happens at the end of my exclusion?

We will let you, and any support persons you have nominated, know before your exclusion period ends and ask you if you want to extend.

Once your exclusion period has ended, we will remove you from BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register. You will be able to self-exclude again at any time.

Supporting others

Self-excluding from gambling is a big step to take. Acting as a support person through someone’s self-exclusion journey can make the process easier for them.

I have been nominated as a support person. What do I have to do?

A support person is an important role. You have been nominated because someone you know wants you to support them through their self-exclusion with BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register™.

When someone has nominated you as a support person, we will contact you to advise you: 

  • how long they have excluded themselves from accessing online and phone wagering services
  • if they try to cancel their self-exclusion early
  • if they extend their self-exclusion
  • when their self-exclusion is about to end
  • if they decide to remove you as a support person.

By providing you with this information, you can know when you may want to talk to them and have an informed conversation about where they are at in their exclusion process.

You can stop being a support person at any time.

What else can I do?

It can be hard to try to help someone, particularly if they do not want to stop gambling.

It is okay for you to ask for help too. Support is available for anyone affected by a gambling issue, not just the person who is gambling.

Visit Gambling Help Online for further information on support that is available, including how to access professional counsellors.

Visit our Support Tools page for further information on supports that are available.

How can I register someone for BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register?

The decision to register can only be made by that person.

If someone in your life is struggling with a gambling problem, you may want to talk to them about BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register and if it is something that they want to consider.

Australian Government

BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register™ acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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